A favourite seaside town for many people.  As with Southwold it is an old style resort but very different in character.  No pier, no sand and no beach huts for a start.  But boats on the beach and huts selling fish.  Famous locally for two things.  Firstly, for its fish and chip shop, the product of which is most properly eaten whilst sitting on the sea wall by the pebble beach.  A couple of pictures, of the fish and chip shop and of a fish hut, can be found on the “not in Pevsner” page.  Secondly for the annual Festival activities particularly the Chinese lantern parade and fireworks on the beach on a Monday evening in mid-August.  Magic - and not mutually exclusive with fish and chips on the sea wall (if you survive the queue).

I couldn’t find the houses mentioned in The Terrace.  They have either changed or gone (or I didn’t look hard enough).

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Pictures of buildings mentioned in the “Suffolk” volume of “The Buildings of England” series by Sir Nikolaus Pevsner.  Tudor Georgian