Dunwich is more famous for what is not there than what is, having fallen into the sea over the centuries with the  most disastrous events in C14.  It was once a major port and had Bishops from about 632: it was  revived as a suffragen see in 1934.  Nowadays it is a small village.  There is a small museum there as well as a car park and a popular cafe known for fish and chips (but not quite as famous/renowned as the Aldeburgh shop).  The main listing in Pevsner is for the friary, founded before 1277 but moved to where was then further inland in 1289.  The Friary remains have some bricks which may have been used for repairs or be much older (see example pictures below).  They are not mentioned in Wight’s “Brick Building in England”.

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Pictures of buildings mentioned in the “Suffolk” volume of “The Buildings of England” series by Sir Nikolaus Pevsner.