Pictures of buildings mentioned in the second edition “Suffolk” volume of “The Buildings of England” series by Sir Nikolaus Pevsner.

Apart from the church the entry for Bawdsey on page 90 (2nd Ed) says: "Martello Tower, built 1810-12 (cf Alderton, and for more details Aldeburgh)."
The Aldeburgh entry adds "The Martello Towers were built in 1810-12 by the royal Engineers as a defence against a Napoleonic invasion. They were designed by Colonel Twiss and Captain Ford. The name comes from a Torre della Martella in Corsica which impressed the English in the campaign of 1794".
There are two views of the Bawdsey one, here:
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and here:
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The third edition expands on Bawdsey considerably, including a separate sub-section running to two and a half pages on Bawdsey Manor shown below:
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As well as many architectural details it notes that this was purchased by the Air Ministry in 1936 and became the headquarters for the development of radar in conjunction with Orford Ness. Further NE is the site of a 'Bloodhound' missile site from 1979. RAF Bawdsey was decommissioned in 1991. It also notes that the "outline of Martello Tower 'V' dem. 1819 can be seen in the garden of Bawdsey Manor". This is shown below:
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The third edition does not mention the Martello Tower shown at the top in the Bawdsey entry. There are several Martello Towers along the coast here and it is confusing where the boundary lies between Bawdsey and Alderton where Pevsner notes three in the second edition but James Bettley notes only one in the third edition.