Shrubland Park

Pictures of buildings mentioned in the second edition “Suffolk” volume of “The Buildings of England” series by Sir Nikolaus Pevsner.

Shrubland Park is one of the great houses of Suffolk. A few years ago it was for sale after institutional use and I found this photograph on the web so I do not own the copyright.
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Pevsner devotes about one and a half pages to the Park (pages 417 - 419). He describes how Sir John Barry’s “spectacular Italianate fronts conceal the work of two predecessors”. Barry’s work dates from 1848 to 1852. As well as the house, he describes the gardens, the Temple, the Gloriette (or Loggia) and, also in the grounds, the Old Hall with windows dating from c1525. None of these are currently accessible to ordinary mortals.

There are three lodges of 1841 in the style of the Barry work. One at the North West, and the Ipswich and Coddenham lodges.

The one at the North West is shown below, of which Pevsner says ”symmetrical with curved walls to lead to it. Grey brick. Tripartite with raised centre carrying an Italianate roof.”
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Pevsner describes the other two lodges (Coddenham and Ipswich) as “emphatically asymmetrical and also emphatically Italianate. Their particular brand of picturesque villa motifs correspond to Loudon’s suggestions in his encyclopedia”.

Two views of the Coddenham lodge are shown here:
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And finally, here is the Ipswich Lodge, past Claydon and nearly opposite the Sorrell Horse pub (I think, in Barham):
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